One of my favorite moments from our second month in Uganda: The day Pastor Solomon Carter took us up to Prayer Mountain. The group of 20+ of us all piled into the back of a small pick up truck and made our (bouncy) way through the streets of Mbarara, then through the streets of some random villages and on up, as far as we could in a vehicle, the hill/mountain. Hiking the rest of the way didn’t make is seem like such a big deal, but when we got to the top and saw the open space around us the peace of that place and beauty of the view set in.

That afternoon of getting to just be with our Lord on prayer mountain, finding a bit of solitude amidst a time when it seemed like I never would find any, (we were living in pretty cramped quarters and literally were never ever by ourselves) will be a time I always remember from that month. 

We ended the time up there by gathering under a tree together and praying over everyone individually as a whole group. It was a blessed combination of the beauty of solitude and community smashed together into one experience on the side of a mountain.